Sunil Kumar Sharma wiki,World Record

Sunil Kumar Sharma wiki,World Record………….. Here we are up with a personality who had made a world accord at the age of only 21. Yes, here we are talking about Sunil Kumar Sharma. He was born in the year 1995 in the Jaipur city. Talking about his education part life, so he is pursuing B.ED from Jagadguru Ramananda Charya University, Jaipur only.

Sunil Kumar Sharma


Sunil Kumar Sharma has become a multi-facted personality of India who has made unbelievable accord in the Indian history. He had been given the Square root of Two World ranking certificate on monday by creating World record of memorising maximum post decimal digits of the value of the square root two on 3june this year. Sunil had spoken 5710 digits of the value of the square root two in an hour and 42 minutes. He has not only overtaken the previous hitlister but he had also broken his previous record that he had made on May 19, of this year. At that time he had spoken 5632 digits in an hour and 31 minutes. Previously this record was in the name of a United States personality name ‘Mark Umile’ who had spoken 5544 digits in 2 hours and seven minutes.

Sunil Kumar Sharma

Apart from all this, he had also made a world record by saying 243 digits of a square root two in one minute at an event organised by ‘Indian Book of Accords’ and had beaten the previous European record maker with 222 digits in three minutes and eight seconds.

That’s all about his conquesting life.

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