Veenu Paliwal|Biography|Accident Reason|Skills|India Top’s Women Bikers|

Veenu Paliwal was most daring girl. She is jus a daring girl u have seen. You must don’t know about her but now we give you detail about her. Veenu Paliwal was also known as woman biker she is really very famous for her biking skills.


Veenu Paliwal|Biography|Accident Reason|Skills|India Top’s Women Bikers|


Veenu Paliwal, one of the India’s Top Women Bikers she died in a road accident in Madhya Pradesh’s vidhisha district. She died on moday at evening time.

Veenu Paliwal|Biography|Accident Reason|Skills|India Top's Women Bikers|

Veenu Paliwal|Biography|Accident Reason|Skills|India Top’s Women Bikers|


As she was very senior woman biker in india we have. But luck is not with her at monday evening. She was on her drive and she was on high speed then suddenly her bike skid off she was rushed to a nearby hospital but she was declared dead on reaching the hospital. According to autopsy report, she died of internal bleeding. The place where she was skid off at near Gyaraspur which was 100 km from state capital Bhopal. She is famous for driving harley davidson bike and the day she was died she She was on a nationwide tour on her Harley Davidson motorcycle along with fellow biker Dipesh Tanwar, who was on another vehicle.


Veenu paliwal was at college age when she learned biking. She learned biking in college only and she got most help by her friends. Her friends was very supportive with her. U must know that she was not able to continue her biking just because she does not have her own bike. After some time she got married and the man she married wouldn’t let her ride. So she chooses her biking and for this she got divorced last year was the second coming of the mother of two.



Biography|Accident Reason|Skills|India Top’s Women Bikers|

Veenu paliwal was best known for driving Harley Davidson bikes at 180 kmph, Paliwal was planning to make a documentary on her motorbike journey across the country.

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